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Software to jailbreak iOS devices.

Introducing g0blin, a work-in-progress jailbreak for iOS 10.3.x.
Supports all 64-bit devices with Apple A7 - A9 chips.

For more information: https://g0blin.sticktron.net


Software for jailbroken iOS devices.
These are free projects I've made over the years.
They are available to download using Cydia. Some are only availabe on my personal repository.

iOS 10 Cydia

DarkMessages gives the Messages app a full dark-theme makeover.

  • Switch between light and dark themes
  • Supports NightShift and Noctis
  • Customize the color of message bubbles
LockGlyph X
iOS 10 Cydia

LockGlyph X adds the Apple Pay finger scanning animation to the lock screen, and animates when you unlock. It supports custom themes, sounds and colours.


Fancies up the breadcrumb trail statusbar item by showing icons instead of App names.

iOS 9-10 Cydia
iOS 7-10 Cydia

A status bar indicator for SSH connections. Tap and hold the indicator icon to trigger a popup with more information about each connection. Includes a few different indicator styles to choose from.

Ah!Ah!Ah! 2
iOS 7-10 My Repo

Trigger a video alarm when someone tries to unlock your phone.

iOS 7-8 Cydia

A customizable unlock error alarm inspired by that scene in Jurassic Park.

  • Play video fullscreen or windowed with a background image
  • Import videos and images from your Camera Roll
  • Choose how many failed attempts at unlocking before the alarm is triggered
NCMeters 9
iOS 9-10 My Repo

System stats widget for the Notification Center.

iOS 7-8 Cydia

System stats widget for the Notification Center.

iOS 7-8 Cydia

System stats widget for the Control Center.

iOS 7-10 Cydia

Un-mirror the camera preview when taking selfies.

iOS 10 Cydia

Makes double-touching the Home button show the App Switcher instead of reachability mode.

iOS 8-9 Cydia

Unlock in style! Customize your lock glyph, slide-to-unlock text and more. Includes a set of Wu-Tang lock glyphs to get you started!

iOS 7 Cydia

Customize the size of the image preview bubbles in the Messages App.

iOS 7 Cydia

An iOS 8 styled makeover for the Notification Center.

iOS 5 Cydia

An SBSettings alternative for iOS 5. WeeStats is a Notification Center widget that provides fast access to system information and toggles.

iOS 5 Cydia

Forces Retina resolution rendering in OpenGL-based apps/games.


My name is Mike G.
I live in Toronto, Canada.

1999 - 2009 | Web developer.
2009 - 2017 | Mobile research and development.

I think of things, I make the things. Enjoy!